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A camp like this usually costs $100 for the whole day but with your donation we can ensure we keep camp FREE


The Man UP Seminar brings male leaders together to promote young men to have a brighter future.

The Man UP Seminar officially launched in October 2019 at South Fort Myers High School. Then in January of 2020 the Man UP Seminar was opened up to schools across Lee County!

Student athletes learned life skills such as “How to Ace an Interview”, “Tie a Tie”, “Bohanon’s Scholarship Playbook”, “You are YOUR Brand”, “Behaviors Have Impacts”, as well as a crash course in “Financial Literacy.”

Tommy Bohanon teaching to tie a tie

Participating schools

  • North Fort Myers High School
  • Dunbar High School
  • South Fort Myers High School
  • Fort Myers High School
Don’t see your student athlete’s school? Contact your school administrators to see how we can serve your young athlete’s school in the future!