2023 Tommy Bohanon Foundation
Sports Equipment Grant Application

Please complete this application form by September 1st, 2023 and return it, with other requested documents to: [email protected] in order to be considered for financial assistance during the 2023/2024 academic school year.

Programs that have been chosen will be notified by October 2, 2023!

NOW CLOSED FOR 2023/2024!

Sports Equipment Grant Request Form

The Tommy Bohanon Foundation Sports Equipment Grant is an opportunity for Southwest Florida youth athletic programs in need, to receive funding or physical equipment for their athletes. With the proper equipment, athletes can excel in their sport safely and more effectively. Since July of 2018, we have awarded over $135,000 to North Fort Myers High School, Dunbar High School, South Fort Myers High School, Mariner High School, Riverdale High School, Ida Baker High School, East Lee County High School, Island Coast High School, and Oasis High School. We have also awarded grants to other sports programs in the area that have needed assistance after the devastating Hurricane Ian had on their programs. 

Additional Documents Needed!

To complete the application process, please send the following information along with this application:

  • Copy of the proposed program’s budget for the 2022/2023 school year

  • A letter from the Athletic Director or a School Administrator of their acknowledgement that the program is requesting funding on school’s official letterhead.

  • Information about the coaches/staff who are involved with the proposed athletic program. (This information should include the following: years staffed at school, experience, position and any special accolades they have received!)

  • Any additional information or documents we should have in order for the proposed program to be selected as a Sports Equipment Grant Recipient.

The Tommy Bohanon Foundation is dedicated to supporting young athletes to reach their highest potential on and off the playing field!